Yammer TNT Lunch Focuses on Social Media in the Classroom

On Wednesday, April 17, the RIIT Group hosted a Technology in Teaching Luncheon on the topic “Using Yammer for Education: Benefits, Challenges, Considerations and Lessons Learned.” The session included a panel of instructors, course support staff, and learning designers who shared insights and examples of Yammer use in online, hybrid, and resident instruction at Smeal. Yammer is an enterprise-level social networking tool similar to Facebook. Though it is designed for internal organizational collaboration, it also allows for the creation of smaller, closed networks which are ideal for connecting, engaging, and managing students. Panelists described the pros and cons of using Yammer and discussed areas which could be improved to better serve the educational needs of the College.

More information about Yammer can be found at the Penn State Yammer site: http://yammer.psu.edu, or the Yammer product site: https://www.yammer.com/product/.

A recording of the Yammer Technology in Teaching session can be viewed here: