RIIT Group TechFest

The information from January 30 TechFest has been posted and is now available on the RIIT Group web site.

Presenters shared their experiences in utilizing these technologies and demonstrated how to apply them. Sessions included:

Breakfast with the CIO/Keller Executive Collaboration Suite Open House
Join us in 201 Keller Building for the TechFest welcome session. Enjoy a bite to eat, learn about our latest and future IT innovations, and tour the newly-renovated Keller Executive Programs Collaboration Suite..

Event Planning
Planning an event in the Business Building? The RIIT Group Events and Meetings Team provides support for events ranging from meetings and conferences to career fairs, formal dinners and graduation celebrations. Please join us for a discussion about the resources available for planning, scheduling, and hosting a successful event.

Google Apps for Education
Interested in learning more about Google Apps? Did you know that Smeal has a Google Apps for Education account? Do you want to know the difference between regular Google Apps and Google Apps for Education? This session will give an overview of and discuss ways to leverage Google Apps to support student learning. We will share best practices for as well as demonstrations of apps such as Google Docs and Spreadsheets, Google Drive, and Google Plus as well as the benefits and risks of education in the ‘cloud.’

The iPad
The iPad, currently in its 4th generation, remains one of the most robust and flexible digital classroom technologies available. And with more than 200,000 educational apps – and growing – the iPad is guaranteed to impact learning for years to come. Join us for a discussion about how this device can be used to enhance teaching and learning, how the myriad of apps available can provide innovative solutions in the classroom, and some practical tips and tricks for effective iPad use.

Virtual Connections with Web Technologies
Explore various ways of connecting in the classroom and beyond, including University-supported platforms such as Yammer and Adobe Connect, Smeal-supported technologies such as Sharepoint and Lync, and social applications such as Skype and Google Hangouts. We’ll also discuss how these tools can enhance teaching and learning, pros and cons of each, and best practices for their use.

Windows 8
Join us for a discussion about what Windows 8 has to offer. A radical departure from previous Windows offerings, we’ll talk about things to consider before upgrading, explore features and enhancements, discuss what’s good, what’s bad, what’s downright ugly, and give practical tips and tricks to improve performance and reduce frustration in the future.

ANGEL is Here to Stay: Extending its Capability to Enhance Learning
The University’s recent decision to continue using ANGEL as our Course Management System provides an opportunity to explore creative solutions to enhance teaching and learning. Join us for a discussion of practical ways to increase the effectiveness of ANGEL by using tools and methodologies that can be integrated into ANGEL to improve student engagement and learning.

High Performance Research Applications
SAS, SPSS, MATLAB, Qualtrics, MySQL, STATA. What are the differences among these quantitative tools for conducting your research – strengths and weaknesses? Learn how to use and access these systems with examples. Both Smeal and ITS maintain high performance centralized servers that can greatly reduce your program run times. We will also discuss databases available for your research.

Also, if you haven’t had an opportunity to complete the TechFest Survey (even if you didn’t attend any of the sessions), please take a moment to do so. Your input is very important to us and is used to help plan future information sessions and events.