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It was an excellent experience to join the “Brand Management BootCamp” (BMBC). I’ve always wondered what it is like to work as a brand manager; finally, I grasped the big picture of brand management, thanks to the “BMBC”.

If you’re interested in brand management, nothing would be more valuable than to learn what it is like to work as a brand manager and to learn how to begin your career as a brand manager. First, Jonathan E. Schaefer from SC Johnson presented us with what Brand Management is and how different it is from marketing. Then, Donna Williams from Bayer HealthCare provided us with a practical approach to get hired as a brand manager. After two information sessions, we had a field trip to Target, along with an on site lecture about how a real product is displayed in a retail store and with what strategy. During the BMBC, I got an impression that brand management is about passion for a brand. Being a brand manager requires serious commitment as well as a strong desire to develop, implement and refresh a brand.

Furthermore, the BMBC showed what it is like to participate in Smeal’s extracurricular activities: exploring possibilities and learning new business ideas. You never know what might change your life. Some classmates who joined the BMBT with genuine interest in marketing are now seriously considering a career in brand management. Consequently, I’d recommend that you try attending as many information sessions/workshops as possible and explore your interest. That is the biggest lesson I learned from the BMBC.

–Jamie Eunyoung Joung
Originally from South Korea, Jamie attained her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration there and has about eight years working experience as a marketer in the Internet and fashion industry. At Smeal, Jamie plans to focus on Product & Market Development and Supply Chain Management.