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MoniraName: Monira Linda

Concentrations: Finance, Supply Chain Management and Strategic Leadership

Internship: Proctor & Gamble, Global Capital Purchases, Baby Care

Why did you choose Smeal: Smeal’s  small class size and tight-knit community makes it easier to connect with students, professors and alumni. Team work is a fundamental part of Smeal and as a result, while developing individual skills in classes, I can develop team and project management skills and gain knowledge from team members who bring a diverse set of perspectives and business experiences.

What has been your favorite Smeal MBA memory thus far: Performing fan dance in the Lunar New Year Celebration organized by the MBA Association was so much fun. I tried it for the first time in my life. The audience clapped, who knows if they clapped thinking it’s a comedy show or a dance show, but hey! they clapped and laughed and that’s all that matters!

FranchiseName: John “Franchise” Williamson

Concentrations: Supply Chain Management/Finance

Internship: Verizon Wireless

Future Plans: I will return to Verizon for a Leadership Development Program

Why did you choose Smeal: One of the biggest reasons I chose Smeal was the network of successful alumni and their willingness to connect with current students.  I remember hitting it off with my alumni board adviser Chris Thomas during the first mod, and he has been a valuable resource ever since.  Another reason I chose Smeal was the practicality of the curriculum.  I have been able to take course concepts and apply them to my work and beyond (recognizing good management practices while watching my favorite reality tv show).  I also like the culture of State College, there is always something to do.  There’s lot of great restaurants, bars, and places to go dancing on a Friday night.

What has been your favorite Smeal MBA memory thus far: It’s a tie between Penn State’s upset victory over Michigan during homecoming and traveling to South Africa for global immersion.  Global immersion was a great cultural experience coupled with some spot-on presentations by local business leaders.

  Joshua Mathis

Concentrations: Finance/Supply Chain

Internship: Air Products and Chemicals

Future Plans: Senior Consultant at Deloitte

Why did you choose Smeal:  It’s supply chain program had an excellent reputation.  Also, the small class sizes would lead to better relationships with classmates and more access to professors.

What has been your favorite Smeal MBA memory thus far:  Spending time with some great friends in Prague for the Global Immersion



Name: Ipsa Mohanty

Concentration: Supply Chain Management

Internship: Strategy & Operations, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Atlanta

Why did you choose Smeal: I chose Smeal primarily for three reasons – small class size, diverse student body, and a sound supply chain management program

What has been your favorite Smeal MBA memory thus far: Hands down, Diwali! It is the first cultural event that brings everyone together in the spirit of celebration. It was great to see people from different cultures being so accepting of traditions that I am all too familiar with. Bollywood dancing, spicy eating contests, music, and fashion shows – all of them make this a beautiful memory that will be etched in my mind for years to come.

Mike B - NikeName: Mike Bassani

Concentrations: Supply Chain and Finance

Internship: Demand Planning Intern at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton Oregon. Basically responsible for designing a new approach to forecasting and inventory management of tee shirts sold in North America.

Future Plans: I have accepted a Full Time role at Amazon’s HQ in Seattle. From there… who knows!

Why did you choose Smeal: I had an amazing time when I visited. I knew the program puts people into Fortune 50 companies without the huge cost of some of the top 10 schools (confirmed when I was @Nike this summer). I knew the alumni base was massive and very far reaching which made landing a job that much easier. The career services team really prepares you to land a job at the companies you want. I have ZERO regrets about choosing Smeal over my other options!

What has been your favorite Smeal MBA memory thus far: Internship at Nike is probably tops. Otherwise the football tailgates, going to South Africa with my classmates or the case competitions at other schools are good options.

Name: Yasar AwanYasar_Shanghai

Concentrations: Supply Chain Management and Corporate Finance

Internship: Colgate-Palmolive in New York City

Future Plans: Upon graduation I will be joining Raytheon in their Supply Chain Leadership Development Program. I will be rotating through various supply chain functions and moving through different business units. I hope to get some travelling in as well and explore various parts of the country during my rotations.

Why did you choose Smeal: Penn State has been in my blood. My older brother graduated from Penn State and that was the first thing that attracted me the university to do my undergrad. Having worked in a supply chain role and intending to return to it, I knew that Smeal was the go-to MBA program to have a well-rounded and world-recognized MBA in Supply Chain Management. Furthermore, the outstanding alumni network is unlike that of any other program and choosing Smeal was a clear choice for me.

What has been your favorite Smeal MBA memory thus far: My favorite memory thus far has been the global immersion trip during our first-year. I had the opportunity to travel with a great group of MBAs to Shanghai and visit many companies and explore Shanghai and other cities in China. I learned a lot about the way business is conducted in China, and I also learned a lot about the Chinese culture. It was an excellent experience, both professionally and socially, and will be a lifelong memory of my time at Smeal.

merzbach.dName: Diane Merzbach

Concentrations: Marketing, Supply Chain, and Strategic Leadership

Internship: Air Products and Chemicals; Performance Materials Division – Marketing

Future Plans: Air Products and Chemicals – Career Development Program with a Marketing Focus; Of course prior to entering back into the “real world”: spend 2 weeks in South America, and a few weeks driving down the West Coast

Why did you choose Smeal: I visited all 8 schools I applied to, and I just “fit” when I visited Smeal.  Everyone gave genuine responses to all of my questions, and it was evident that there was definitely a “work hard, play hard” mentality.  Smeal offers a close community and small class sizes, with the facilities and events of a 90,000+ student university.

What has been your favorite Smeal MBA memory thus far: Global Immersion trip to South Africa.  A week in Johannesburg visiting businesses and immersing ourselves in South African culture, followed by a 3 day safari in Kruger National Park and 4 days in Cape Town relaxing on beaches, swimming with Great White sharks, playing with Penguins, and eating some of the most amazing food around!


Name: Dave Kubiak

Concentrations: Strategic Leadership, Supply Chain. Marketing

Internship: Deloitte Consulting LLP, Federal, Technology Strategy and Architecture

Future Plans: Ski Tuckerman Ravine (NH) and Alyeska (AK). Join Deloitte full time as a Senior Consultant after graduation. Move to Washington, DC with my wife, Rachel.

Why did you choose Smeal: After visiting 6 programs and applying to 8, I was convinced by the intimate, genuine, hard-working group of Smeal MBAs.

What has been your favorite Smeal MBA memory thus far: I’ve enjoyed how our cohort has developed both personally and professionally. Some classes offer more opportunities for professional development, such as case analysis, including Strategic Implementation. Learning new strategic frameworks and discussing disparate management techniques is one of my favorite Smeal memories.


Name: Jeremy McLean

Concentration: Finance

Internship: Hedgeye Risk Management

Future Plans: Investing finance career doing research or private wealth management

Why did you choose Smeal:  Penn State is the best place in the world.  I knew I would be happy here and in a place where I can learn and thrive

What has been your favorite Smeal MBA memory thus far:  Winning every team challenge during MBA in Action


Name: Joe Baxter

Concentration(s): Supply Chain, Marketing, Strategic Leadership

Internship: Apple

Future Plans : Apple, Global Supply Manager (Cupertino, CA)

Why did you choose Smeal: Small classes, tight knit group, awesome program, and it felt like the place for me

What has been your favorite Smeal MBA memory thus far: The excitement that students get when you receive an internship or job (whether they have received one or not)

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