Comcast Interactive Launch Case Competition

comcastintractivThe Interactive Launch Competition was a television-media marketing case competition that had teams analyzing new and evolving technologies specifically for the TV/broadcast market. Each team was assigned a sponsor company and a product they were currently developing and tasked with recommending actions that could be taken to improve the product roll-out, or create a new product altogether. Our assigned mentor company was The Weather Channel, specifically being tasked to roll-out a new Over The Top Application they have called Local Now. Each of the competing teams had different products to take action on, which eventually ended up hurting us since we had a specific product and the other teams had the option to invent a product.

Our team was made up of both first and second year MBA’s and it was an excellent chance to display our marketing knowledge and recommendations as well as our presentation skills we learn from Andy and Nancy in our Communications class. It is always impressive to see the stark difference between a Smeal MBA presentation and every other school’s presentations. We came out tying for 3rd place in the competition and recommend that all future Smeal MBA’s interested in marketing take part in this competition.


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