Pink Out


The WMBA held a successful fundraiser to benefit breast cancer on Wednesday, October 26th, 2016.  The coffee buzz had two main goals, one was the increase awareness of breast cancer during breast cancer awareness month, and the second was to raise money.  To increase awareness, both classes were encouraged to wear pink.  During a half hour coffee break, the two classes of MBA students were able to raise $689.67, which is roughly $5 per person in donation.  This is the first year that WMBA has partnered with a breast cancer charity, but it will not be the last since the support for this event was substantial.

The money is going to an organization out of South Central Pennsylvania called Pink Out.  This fund works through the Hanover Hospital by finding women’s cancer patients who are struggling financially.  Instead of putting the money towards treatment, the money helps the patients at home.  Pink Out pays rent and electricity bills to free up funds for medication.  Pink Out pays for childcare and transportation to allow women to make it to their treatments.  Pink Out pays for wigs and special undergarments necessary to allow healing.  Since so many of these women are forced to work less or stop working altogether, having these bills taken care of is a huge help.  The WBMA believes in this cause, and we were very happy to facilitate this charity event and pleased with the outcome.  To learn more about Pink Out visit:


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