Into the Final Module

Getting my MBA seemed like a long journey of two years when I started more than a year and a half back. Now with only one module to go, frankly, it feels like time flew by during the program. As I enter into the final module (mod), my excitement to graduate has increased a lot.

Many of the alumni have spoken about their time in State College. Most of the alumni still say that it was the best time of their lives. Just the other day I spoke to one of my alumni in the organization that I will be joining after MBA graduation. I sought advice as to how best to utilize the final couple of months. The advice included a very important suggestion to “have fun and enjoy the student life while in the program”.

I believe that the final mod should be the best one in the program. Most of us in the program have already completed the majority of credits required to graduate so the mod will be academically lighter than most of the other modules. An academically lighter module means more free time for fun. During this module, our APEX projects will hit peak. We will all have to give our final pitches to our respective clients towards the end of the course. I have been working with a fantastic team at Johnson & Johnson for my APEX project and it has been a very good learning experience wherein I got to apply some of the concepts I learned during the MBA program.

I am really excited about leadership immersion, a one-credit course. This course involves going to either Quantico or the NYC Fire Department for group activities through which we will get to learn finer aspects of team dynamics and leadership.

With the graduation ceremony less than two and a half months away, I am really excited to enjoy my final mod of the second year and make the most of my remaining time here in Happy Valley!

Varun Tiwari
Class of 2016


USMC Leadership Immersion Program


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