2nd Year Journey

I am writing this blog during our Thanksgiving break in 2015. Feels like it was just yesterday that we completed our internships and started our 2nd year but it is hard to believe that it has actually been 3 months since we started this semester. Now when I look back at the year gone by, it actually amazes me and makes me realize that everyone in my class is a changed person. Everyone has evolved both personally and professionally. Compared to the first year, the second year has been relatively much easier. By this time almost everyone is pretty certain about his or her career paths. This means that everyone knows what concentrations they will take and accordingly what classes are the best ones for them. Our schedules are not quite as rigorous as they were in the first year. Nonetheless, time really flies and looking ahead, I see that I only have 10 more days of school left before the winter break and one last semester to go before I graduate.


Most of the 2nd years returned from their summer internships with full time job offers. This means we have so much more time on our hands to actually do the things we like. Also, the class schedule is much more flexible as all the classes in the 2nd year are electives and you just take the classes that interest you or the classes that count towards your choice of concentration. We also get the choice of making our own teams. This means we can team up with other students who are more compatible with us. This year we also played mentoring roles for the incoming batch of first year students. It has been a rewarding and a satisfying experience. Similar to the last year, this year also included its fair share of activities and festivities. We have celebrated Diwali and Thanksgiving had many other fun activities such as a football game between the 1st and 2nd years.


Looking back at the time passed so far in the MBA program, I realize that I have learned so much, made so many new friends and most importantly identified and worked upon the weaknesses that I never knew I had. It has been a long journey but it has also been a satisfying one and the more I look back, I feel that it was just yesterday when it all started and think about the days to come. However, we still have a long way to go.


Rahul Ramteke
Class of 2016


Thanksgiving Dinner 2015


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