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Financiers Without Borders

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Financiers Without Borders is a recognized, U.S.-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on developing the next generation of altruistic, global minded business leaders. They aim to fulfill their mission by opening the doors to international volunteer opportunities in developing nations. Their innovative programs allow volunteers to spend several weeks or months at businesses and NGOs abroad, aiding them with financing, marketing, strategy and economic development. They are looking for interested students to join their volunteer class of 2011-2012! They are recruiting students for this upcoming summer (June-August 2011) as well as for winter break (December2011-January2012).

Volunteerships can vary between 2 weeks and 2 months. Some projects require a minimum stay. They look to have a minimum of 2 volunteers per trip with up to as many as 6. Trips with over 4 volunteers will have a project leader for part or the entire trip. Some projects require certain qualifications, such as an MBA or specific previous professional experience.

Applicants must have an interest in business. Volunteerships will be matched with your professional and academic experience. Please do not apply if you cannot fully commit at least 2 weeks to volunteer during the summer or winter break.

There are no fees associated with Financiers Without Borders, however volunteers are responsible for their own expenses. Financiers Without Borders provide various tools to help volunteers fundraise for themselves. All (100%) fund raised by the volunteer will go directly to finance their trip. As a recipient of the Google Grant, Financiers Without Borders does not have any financial or transactions fees associated with donations. All contributions are 100% tax-deductable under IRS code 501(c)(3).

Default Email For Resumes

Contact Information

Mr. David J. Gall
(917) 400-1505

Cover letter MUST include your top TWO choices from the projects below. If you are interested in volunteering in a country where they are still building partnerships, please note that in your cover letter. Applications received without placement preference will not be considered.

Locations: Mumbai – India, Johannesburg – South Africa, Bangkok – Thailand, Sao Paulo – Brazil

Please take a look at their current project offerings below:
Shanghai, China (4 week minimum commitment)
Roots & Shoots is a global, youth-based environmental and humanitarian program of the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI). Shanghai Roots & Shoots is a legally-registered, foreign-affiliated environmental and humanitarian non-profit organization in China. Their mission is to inspire passion for the environment and humanity in the children and future leaders of China through sustainable educational programs and hands-on community service projects. All of their programs are sustainably managed— from concept to resource capital procurement to implementation—through use of successful management techniques to ensure that the objectives of each program are effectively executed. Adopting the grassroots spirit, Shanghai Roots & Shoots programs operate at the local level and work with schools, corporations, government, and Shanghai’s citizens to effect progressive changes within their communities.
Shanghai Roots & Shoots is seeking volunteers for the analysis and evaluation of their programming and social impact measurement, for which the approach will be based on the Impact Value Chain.

An organization’s social impact assessment goal should also include the development a tool that could look holistically across the organization, build measures, and identify the gaps between the organization’s mission/values and its operational plan. The goal of an organizational analysis and development process is to define organizational alignment, make deliberate decisions, and design the organization, agency, or program to achieve strategically optimal outcomes.

Bangalore, India
Avesthagen is a leading life science company pioneering the convergence between Food, Pharmaceutical and Population Genetics leading to Predictive Preventive Personalized Healthcare. The business model of Avesthagen is to combine intellectual property & product development through in-house research and collaborations. Avesthagen has built and continues to build an integrated, systems biology approach of capabilities, products, infrastructure and technology that allows for and facilitates cross talk between numerous disciplines, leading to unique and innovative solutions. Avesthagen employs 450 people worldwide and is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

Bangkok, Thailand
The mission of Change Fusion Institute (CF) is to foster innovative solutions to increasingly complex social and environmental challenges through the creative use of new technologies, emerging perspectives and innovation networks. CF executes its mission by providing social innovation design and investment services with a specific focus on catalyzing high-impact, scalable and sustainable social innovations and social enterprises. CF provides its services to non-profit organizations, corporations, governments, international development organizations and philanthropists.

Change Fusion is seeking volunteers to assist them in Finance and Incubation. First, volunteers will design appropriate financial instrument to finance such initiative such as through grant, loan, equity or their combination for Social Enterprises which are ready for real implementation and scaling up. Then, as the social innovation initiative is financed, volunteers will aid in designing appropriate monitoring, reporting and evaluation mechanism as well as providing mentorship and oversight support with specific focus on sustainability and growth both for the innovation project or social enterprise.

Yunus Center at AIT is a collaboration between Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus and the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand. The Center provides an independent and open platform for addressing development challenges faced by poor people in Asia. It provides as a forum for discussion between people from the public, private, academic and grass roots sectors to exchange ideas on poverty alleviation and social business. The Center aims to contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable development by promoting, developing and implementing social business ideas and projects.

The Center is seeking volunteers to aid Thai Social Entrepreneurs as they work alongside academics in Southern Thailand focusing on energy projects while also looking to partner with other social enterprise organizations.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia (10 week minimum commitment in summer, 4 week in winter)

Leopard Capital manages investment funds in frontier economies. Leopard hunts ahead of the herd, tracking down undiscovered opportunities in Virgin Markets, their term for fast-growth low-income countries shunned by mainstream investors.

In 2008 Leopard launched Cambodia’s first private equity fund, targeting market leaders in basic industries propelled by the country’s rapid development. Leopard Cambodia Fund has since made nine investments (with one full and one partial exit) in Cambodia and Laos, spanning the following sectors: mobile telecoms, renewable energy, power transmission, banking, microfinance, beer brewing, seafood processing, rice production, and housing.

We are looking to place volunteers in one of Leopard’s portfolio companies, Kingdom Brewery. Kingdom’s state-of-the-art brewing facilities reside on the banks of Phnom Penh’s Tonle Sap River. Here, the marriage of craft and passion weaves the exotic flavors and aromas of our remarkably tasty, premium beers.

Kingdom is seeking volunteers to explore marketing techniques and strategy for expanding distribution into hundreds of outlets (pubs, restaurants, hotels, stores) and to launch a draft beer and additional bottled beers.

Johannesburg, South Africa (4 week minimum commitment)

Genesis Analytics turns economics into advice. Rather than an academic think tank, Genesis is a client-focused strategic and research resource. Working with clients, its purpose is to improve lives, businesses and economies through the application of economic logic and experience.

Cape Town, South Africa (4 week minimum commitment)

Airborne Consulting offers an extensive consulting service aimed at improving companies’ business performance. Their expertise lies in the ICT and Financial sectors, although sound business principles cover all industries and domains.

Airborne is currently seeking volunteers to use their skills in research and financial modeling to help value their envisaged new products and to assist them in understanding global pricing and potential business models for their products and consulting offerings.

We are also in the process of building partnerships and volunteer opportunities in the following countries: Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Argentina and Brazil.

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