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Haselfrë Udyog Summer Internship – India

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

(For Undergraduate Students enrolled in Undergraduate Business School)

Haselfrë Udyog is a social enterprise focused on providing skill development and employment to millions of Indians from the unorganized sector who lack reading and writing skills in a sustainable manner.

The objective of the Haselfre Udyog initiative is to:

  • Ensure that the individuals identified in the target group are able to acquire skills that make them employable in ‘organized sector’ and get a minimum livelihood as prescribed by the States
  • Ensure that persons so identified acquire positive attitudinal changes that enable them to become confident and effective.
  • To keep the persons so identified and trained knitted through a group so that they continue to get counselling for further advancement in professional, educational and personal life.

The target group for this project consists of individuals:

  • Who may not have any formal educational qualification; preference shall be given to school drop outs and migrant labor
  • Who are in the age group 18 to 35 years – so that they are legally employable and in fit state of health
  • Who have no regular means for sustenance

Their goal is to become “the number one social enterprise initiative for youth livelihoods in skill development & employment” in India and they need top talent from around the world to achieve this vision. Do you want to join them in this challenge?

You will be working with one of Haselfrë Udyog’s field units which are mobilizing the candidates from their rural villages and running the training courses and assisting the Corporate Development team in various Marketing and Research efforts.  Summer associates will also get to interact with key senior level Government and Private Sector officials who are partner organizations.

You will gain a valuable experience of working together with world-class social entrepreneurs and officials and will be able to apply your academic knowledge and skills in real-world practice.

Internship Positions:

Field Research Associates

The Field Research Associates focus on gathering important data for management to understand how is Haselfrё’s work impact quality of life of citizens.

It is an intense field level program that gives the Haselfrё Udyog Interns an opportunity to work with multiple stakeholders ranging from Government Officials to Field Level Project Offices throughout the various business cycles.

Haselfrë Udyog Corporate Development Associate

The Haselfrё Udyog Corporate Development internship provides a hands-on experience in a social enterprise management and strategic development. Development interns will be matched with an executive team member of Haselfrё Udyog, and will work closely together to improve Haselfrё Udyog’s current services and structure.

Internship Locations

  • Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Mysore, Karnataka, India

Application Process

Student Backgrounds:

Students should be currently enrolled in an Undergraduate Business School pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in the following fields:

Marketing, Management, Business Administration, Supply Chain and Information.

Applicants must also fulfill the following requirements:

  • Indian Citizenship
  • US Citizenship students/ Permanent Residents
  • Students in their Junior or Senior year of Bachelor’s Degree
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Interested in starting their career in a dynamic global setting in the fields of social change and sustainable development using Business Skills
  • At least 1 prior summer internship or relevant experience preferred

All their positions are located in India only. Full time job offer depends on the performance of the candidate along with recommendations of their contribution from the Haselfrë Team.

To apply

Submit your applications to your local career services offices based on your school.

Application Deadline: 2012, February 15th for Summer Positions

Resume Screening: From 2012, February 16th

If you have any questions, please contact your Career Services office for further information.  You can also find more information about Haselfrë Udyog at .

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