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Target Community Engagement & Development Program

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Choose an international internship with a service aspect to receive funding!!

The Target Community Engagement & Development Program (CEDP) is designed to provide opportunities for Smeal students to gain valuable professional skills while giving back to their community.  Administered through the Smeal Career and Corporate Connections office, the CEDP awards students who give their time in volunteer service and effectively show reflection on professional skills gained.  Students can complete their volunteer service in a local, regional, or international organization pending approval by the Smeal Career and Corporate Connections Office. 

Students will be selected to receive the grant based on the following criteria:

  • Submission of a resume and a 2 page paper detailing the internship position and organization, why the student is passionate about the mission and opportunity, and what professional development goals the student is hoping to obtain
  • Approval by the Career and Corporate Connections office of chosen volunteer site/organization
  • Students should send resume and 2 page paper to

 Students who are approved for the grant will be rewarded the funding based on completing the following:

  • Submission of a weekly reflection during the experience, that addresses career development and growth, meeting professional goals outlined in the initial application paper, learning experiences, and other aspects of the internship
  • Work 50 hours at an approved site by the Career and Corporate Connections Office
  • Write a final reflective paper that includes:
    –  3 Key learning experiences that have noticeably impacted your professional development skills
    –  Identify the areas of strength and refinement in these three skills sets and action steps to continue building skills
  • Completion of the Supervisor evaluation form should be completed found at:
  • Students will receive funding after the internship is complete pending review of the reflection, final paper, and supervisor evaluation

 *Students may be asked to attend an event during the fall semester to formally be recognized and accept the grant.

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AGECO/CED Study Abroad program

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

AGECO/CED 499A Issues in Economic, Community and Agricultural Development in Kenya

This course is part of an initiative to develop viable economic and youth development options for a program for street children in Kenya. Students will learn about cultural, economic and social conditions in Kenya, then various student teams will build on this knowledge to identify and develop options for youth development and enterprise development (including agricultural production and value addition), culminating with on-site assessment and implementation in Kenya. Students in the course will spend roughly three weeks in Kenya, from late May through early June. The cost is estimated to be $2,500, and financial aid is expected to be available.

Specific Student Learning Objectives:

Students in the course will be expected to meet the following objectives:

  • To gain an understanding to the agro-ecological, economic and cultural environment in Kenya, specifically in the Central Province and Rift Valley;
  • To gain an understanding of the factors that have led to the phenomenon of street-dwelling children and youth;
  • To investigate the role of micro-enterprise development in income-generation and economic growth in the African context;
  • To identify and develop production and business plans for possible enterprises;
  • To develop a community assessment tool to ascertain the community’s assessment of the 2010 initiative in Lamuria. While in country, students will participate in this assessment.
  • To develop an assessment tool to evaluate the efficacy of the 2010 activities at the Children & Youth Empowerment Centre. While in country, students will participate in this assessment.
  • To gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for Kenyan culture and history.


For more information please contact Janelle Larson (, Sjoerd Duiker (, Leland Glenna ( or Ed Babcock, (

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