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Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Megan Ruffe and Hortense Fong have created a chapter of the Global Business Brigades here at University Park. Find out how you can become a part of this worthwhile project.
By Alyssa Wasserman, Vice President of Marketing, SLC

Megan and Hortense are working together to bring Global Business Brigades into Smeal. Penn State already has three different programs within Global Brigades including water, public health, and medical. Hortense first found out about the Global Brigades when she joined the medical program. When she heard about the business program, she knew that it would be a great opportunity not only for her, but other business students as well.

The Global Business Brigades is a national organization where students are assigned a project that will take place in either Honduras or Panama. A group of twenty students will be able to travel to Panama if they raise $1500 each for the trip. These students will provide consulting and share knowledge with locals to help increase the amount of money they earn a day. Currently the average daily income in Panama is $2 per day in US currency. The Global Business Brigades works with the citizens to improve their skills in order to make more money to provide a sustainable income to cover living expenses. Students will also be working with the Peace Corps during their visit to Panama to insure that the project is sustainable and will continue for years to come.

Penn State has officially recognized The Global Business Brigades as a club this past month. Megan and Hortense have just ended their big recruitment push, but could still use volunteers! They are working to get a group of twenty students together to jointly create a business consulting plan for their project, and also raise money for the trip. So far the club has already done a bake sale and sold radios outside of Beaver Stadium for a football game in order to fundraise. They have several upcoming fundraising events include canning with the Global Water Brigades, working concessions at the basketball games and are looking to receive corporate contacts for donations. They are also trying to get grants both from Schreyer, Smeal, and also national donors as well. Once they get a set group of students in place, they plan on creating a fundraising chair in order to generate more ideas.

Even though they have ended their recruitment push, Megan and Hortense are still looking for more volunteers! This organization could be a great opportunity for anyone looking for a way to combine their philanthropic and business skills and make a difference! Other universities that have well established business schools take part in The Global Business Brigades, so this organization has potential of making both Smeal and Sapphire even better!

If you would like more information on The Global Business Brigades you can contact Megan and Hortense at or visit the website at

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Global Programs International Education Week

Monday, November 15th, 2010

For those of you interested in an international internship, not only can you look in the Smeal Symplicity System under Global Impact, but also check out the resources from Penn State’s Office of Global Programs during International Education Week. Here is an event you definitely want to check out:

International Opportunities Fair
Audience: All are welcome
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Location: Heritage Hall, HUB
Hosted by: University Office of Global Programs (UOGP)

Been abroad and yearn for more? Looking for your first international experience? Visit the International Opportunities Fair to explore opportunities for volunteering, interning, and working abroad, as well as local opportunities for broadening international awareness. Fair trade coffee, tea, and snacks will be provided.

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First Annual Smeal Global Impact Internship Night

Monday, November 8th, 2010

On November 4th, the atrium of the Business Building was buzzing with international opportunities and networking. Students who attended were fortunate to connect with international internship organizations, but also some of Smeal’s prestigious alumni. Bill Lane, Washington Director of Governmental Affairs for Caterpillar and passionate advocate for student experiences abroad, opened the evening with a great motivational speech on the importance of a global perspective, specifically in emerging markets of the world. Additionally, students waited in line to speak with company representatives from KPMG, PWC, Intrax, Connect 1-2-3, Global Experiences, and Social Entrepreneurship Corp to learn more about their exciting opportunities.

To apply to these organizations as well as many other opportunities search for Global Impact in the Smeal Symplicity system.

Thank you to the organizations that attended and to the alumni who graciously gave their time to speak with students regarding the importance of international experiences!

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Smeal Global Impact Internship Night- November 4th

Monday, November 1st, 2010

On Thursday, November 4th, Smeal Global Impact Internships will formally announce its programming during the event starting at 5pm in the Business Building Atrium. During the event students will have an opportunity to networking with international internship organizations and alumni who have worked or studied abroad. Additionally, the Career and Corporate Connections office at Smeal will have a table to answer questions regarding internship postings in the Symplicity system as well as other organizations that are not represented at the event.

Additionally, Bill Lane, Washington Director of Governmental Affairs for Caterpillar will be the guest speaker for the event. Bill has traveled extensively both with Caterpillar and personally and understands the importance of a comprehensive global perspective in the business world.

Looking forward to seeing you at the event on November 4th!

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