We are…Penn State!

April 11th, 2011 - 2 Comments

Over half a million people share the proud affiliation of being Penn State alumni. That’s more than the population of over 50 of the world’s countries! What does it mean to you if you choose to attend the Penn State Smeal MBA program? Opportunities… open doors…. a friend, colleague, or future business partner on any given continent. As a Penn State alumna, I can speak firsthand about the unmatchable experience that Penn State can provide, not only in the classroom, but in the business world and in the global community. Almost everyone has heard of Penn State—although what exactly a Nittany Lion is might perplex them just a bit! They know we have football, they know we have Joe Paterno—but when they dig deeper and look even more closely at the Smeal College of Business specifically, they find out we have alumni supporters such as John Surma, the CEO of U.S. Steel. And we have generous benefactors such as the Sheetz family (one of many families who supported the construction of our phenomenal Business Building facility in 2005). And we also have supporters of diversity, such as Virginia and Harvey Kimmel, who make an MBA education a reality for underrepresented minorities. And, of course, the list goes on to include countless other people who make a Smeal MBA education, and a Penn State degree, accessible for people who may have never been able to even dream of such an incredible chance to improve their future. Today, I challenge you. Go to any major city—in the U.S. or elsewhere—at rush hour. Stand on a busy street corner and yell “We Are…” I’ll bet you a Creamery ice cream cone that within a split second someone will yell back “Penn State.” While this exercise appears to be a cute parlor trick, it is a real, live example of the power of the Penn State brand and the power of the Penn State alumni network. To many who know and love Penn State, “We Are” means: “We Are” connected, “We Are” recognized, and “We Are” internationally valued. What will a Penn State degree mean to you?

–Stacey Dorang

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2 Responses to “We are…Penn State!”

  1. Ankit says:

    Hi Stacey,
    Such a wonderful article. For an admitted student like me, who will be joining Smeal in just couple of months, its a pleasure reading such a wonderful article. Makes me feel more confident and excited to be part of such a prestigious and reputed heritage. I feel blessed. Thanks :)

  2. Anshul Sharma says:

    This is so motivating and feel proud.

    We are PennState, We are Leaders for tomorrow!

    Anshul Sharma
    Student, Class of 2013

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